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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Suck

On top of all the other things that have plagued me lately, last night my computer started running a little slow, so I rebooted it...and the screen went blank. I unplugged and replugged, and after minutes and minutes of waiting, it said there was something wrong and offered to come up in Safe mode. I did that...and it froze. So I unplugged/replugged again, got it to actually WORK in Safe mode, and then, somehow, got it working normally.

This usually means my computer's about to die. I've seen it before. That would be particularly disastrous for me now, because I switched to iTunes instead of owning CDs, and if my computer goes, so does my entire music collection. (Also, several books in progress.) So I am NOT going to turn my computer off for any reason until I get all my files saved...and it also means I suddenly need a file-compression program that's as free as possible. Or some really cheap, space-efficient disk to store to. Do they make memory sticks that hold 16 gigs? Any other suggestions?



Blogger Brian Reeves said...


Here's a suggestion. You can use your iPod for both music *and* storage. Yes, it works just like a regular peripheral hard disk when mounted. Normally you pu music on it through iTunes, which is how you listen to it with headphones on the iPod. Now, try dragging your music (and any other file you want to store) into your iPod by accessing it through the "My Computer" menu. It should be drive E: or something like that. This means you will have your entire music collection on there *twice* -- one playable through the headphones, and one as simple data storage. This all depends on how large your iPod is, and how much memory you have left, of course, but iPods these days are usually 20+ gigs, and my guess is you have about 5 - 9 occupied? Anyway, that might do the trick for you.


p.s. I see you finally bought an iPod! I remember a conversation we had about them, long ago in Tallahassee, and you said you wouldn't want one because you were sure you'd lose it. I'm glad to see you've joined the fold.

1/29/2007 7:54 AM  

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