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Monday, January 22, 2007

In a Word: Oy!

Since I found out that I have to move out, the following things have happened:

1.) Wednesday before last, I fell against a bannister---hard---while exiting my friend Mike Daisey's "Invincible Summer" monologue show. It's coming up on two weeks, and my chest still hurts so much that I can only sleep on my left side. There's no visible bruise. I therefore conclude that I've probably got a slightly cracked rib. (The upside: if it's a cracked rib, there's nothing I can do about it anyway except take aspirin and avoid free weights, so at least I don't have to ruin my already tenuous financial situation with a trip to the doctor.)

2.) On Friday, I was checking my bank balance (I never went out all week, spent almost no money, and should have had $835 socked away), and it told me that I suddenly had $132. I went into shock and made a quick call to Chase's helpline, and was told that IF it was an error (and it seems to have been), they couldn't do anything about it until Tuesday morning, because the (phony) charge wouldn't hit my account until then. I assume (fingers crossed!) that this simple error will be fixed tomorrow, but damn! I didn't need the panic, and how fucked up is it that the powers that be can accidentally rob you of $700 and then force you to live with their mistake for four solid days?

3.) Last night, I decided to watch a movie...and discovered that my DVD player had broken. (Not a real shock, since it cost about $35.) No point in buying a new one until my next move, but since I'm not going out these days, that'll make for some fairly dull nights coming up.

4.) Today, my iPod stopped working. I assuemd it was out of charge, but I plugged it in tonight and iTunes said, "You seem to be attached to a corrupt iPod." So I need a new one of those, too, I guess.

Can a country-blues song be far behind?

NOTE: Despite all this, I'm actually quite happy these days. Moving is going to save me a lot of money and allow me to finally LIVE in this city! And I'm only a few short days away from finishing my book proposal. But yeesh. It's a good thing I'm a basically optimistic person, or I'd start to feel like the whole universe was trying to harsh my buzz.



Anonymous Trip said...

Your buzz is clearly unharshable.

1/22/2007 11:53 PM  

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