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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I've had a day to calmly look at my assets and options, and I just want to thank everyone who offered help. Things actually aren't quite as bad as I feared, and if I'm careful this doesn't have to hurt anyone at all, and I shouldn't even need so much as a credit card.

The way I figure it, I have just over $800 in the bank right now. (I thought I had $300, but that was counting a portion of my monthly rent, which can just as easily be taken out of my deposit.) In two weeks, I'll get paid again and have $1600 minus whatever I've spent in the meantime---let's call it $1500. With that amount of money I can get a place for somewhere between $500-$600 (Totaling to $1000-$1200 total; I've seen tons of such places online at both Craigslist and and I'm REALLY not fussy about amenities) and STILL be able to afford storage ($70 or so, depending on the breaks), AND live a cautious but otherwise survivable existence until my NEXT paycheck on February 15th, which will give me enough money to rent a van or something to do the actual move with. Then, two full months from now, I can actually start living again---only with $150-250 extra dollars a month! That's worth waiting for.

My math may be screwy, but I don't think so. (Experienced movers, let me know if there's anything I'm missing!)

In the meantime, with only $800 on hand, there's literally nothing I can do except hunker down, subsisting on rice and beans, until payday on the 31st. Which means that, since I really CAN'T put money down on a place until the 31st, there's no reason to send me information about cheap apartments, because they'd be gone in the two weeks I have to wait, and anyway I'm not really a competitive renter until I can hand the person the whole caboodle.

What I DO need is to know if you, or anyone you know, has a car or truck I might have access to. Because I suspect I'll need to put a lot of stuff in storage (mostly books and games), and that's the only cheap way I can think of to get it all there. Then, of course, come moving day, I'll also need to move my things (one minimal room worth, really: bed, TV, computer, desk, and clothing; possibly bookshelves) to whatever new place I wind up in. I can even pay, if the person who helps can wait till the next payday.

The other thing I could use is advice on how to move cheaply, and what sorts of things I need to be considering. If anyone has advice, or a link to a moving-helpful website, or hints about cheap storage would all help a lot.

I guess I'll have an update in two weeks, when I hope to take my payday money, strike out on the weekend and find a place. Until then: Fingers crossed!



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