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Monday, November 06, 2006

Hey, Could You Stop Being Evil For a Second? Just Asking.

According to this article (and subsequent coverage by Talking Points Memo and Washington Monthly) , voters in Philadelphia are getting tons and tons of robo-calls that claim to have "an important message about Lois Murphy"---the Democratic candidate in the race. But the calls are coming from the Republicans, and seem to be designed to annoy the hell out of voters and make them assume Lois is doing the pestering. Who's responsible? The National Republican Congressional Committee. Is it legal? If it is, it shouldn't be. Fortunately, this article gives the number for the FCC.

Jim Tobin, the regional representative for the RNC tried phone jamming in New Hampshire last time around, and it worked, even though it was illegal. The guy in question got indicted later...after the election was over. God, I hate these guys. Relevant articles are here and here.

UPDATE: At the eleventh hour, the Attorney General has stepped in and stopped the practice ... sort of. Josh Marshall has the details.

LATER UPDATE: Turns out these FCC-violating robo-calls are happening in 20 districts.

P.S. I got hit with some crazy-ass robo-spam in my comments. I'm looking into how to delete the goddamn thing. Sorry for the annoyance.



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