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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lefty Research Resource Request

Hey, all my Democratic friends! In my attempt-to-build-bridges manner, I struck up a conversation with a person I dearly love who, I discovered with some shock, had never heard that the rebuilding of Iraq favored young Republicans from the Heritage Foundation with no rebuilding experience (as described in Fiasco) , had never heard of the fake news stories the Bush administration ran like unacknowledged infomercials for the Medicare-D bill, didn't know about the payoffs to that one talk show host to support No Child Left Behind, and knew nothing of the surprise late-night no-Democrats-informed sessions of the House and Senate, etc. I'd like to inform him.

Now, I *could,* of course, simply go back through the last six years of Washington Monthly and Talking Points Memo and get them myself. But I can't help but think that someone, somewhere on the web must be cataloguing these awful, awful acts. Surely there must exist a "Bush scandal timeline" or something. Ideally, these assertions would come with some kind of moderately sourced reference (a single article from the Utne Reader won't cut it, but New York Times should pass muster), and would deal with Bush and the Republicans in the Congress, rather than Republicans in general. (I'd like to minimize the time I spend slogging through references to the Swift Boat Veterans Who Avoided Prosecution For Slander.)

Anyway, send me your tips. Otherwise I'll have a LOT of work cut out for me, and I'm trying to write a completely unrelated book here.



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