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Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm Wikisponsible!

By the way, if anyone looked up "St. Brendan" in Wikipedia at my last post on the topic, one thing I managed over the weekend (in lieu of writing the actual book) is that I updated, and effectively doubled the size of, the St. Brendan article. What I added: The actual title of the Navigatio; the varying accounts of the number of monks that went with him; more doubt about whether Brendan actually went on said voyage (the original was unbelievably gullible in this respect); the St. Brendan Society; the note on imrama and the Irish ascetic tradition; Jasconius, which went bafflingly unmentioned in the original even though it's present in the art; and the note that Frederick Buechner wrote a novel based on the legend (called Brendan: A Novel) in 1987. Now I feel smart.

When I get to add "The novel By Dick, by David Dickerson, is another take on the myth and will be published by Publishing House Y in the year XXXX," I'll be very happy indeed.



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