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Monday, October 02, 2006

General Monday Morning Stuff

Spent the weekend with my dear friend Rose, and when I got home yesterday ... the Internet wasn't working again! I've been dealing with cable companies my entire adult life and I've never had this much problem maintaining a fucking signal. Oy!

I didn't get nearly as much done on the novel as I expected, and have switched my hope from finishing it by my birthday (tomorrow) to finishing it by the end of the month (much more realizeable).

Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that Talking Points Memo has a lot of good reporting on the pre-election Foley investigation, which I hope hurts the Republicans at the polls (upshot: Republican Rep. Foley resigned after a series of lewd e-mails he sent to a 16-year-old page, and now it turns out that the Republicans in congress knew about it for at least a year, possibly as many as five, and not only did nothing about it, but avoided reporting it to the only Democrat who shared a committee with him. Cover up much?)(TPM's theory, which seems sound to me, is that this is another result of Tom Delay's management style: Foley was kept around because, with such a big secret, he was probably easier to control.)

But the happy news of the day is that Washington Monthly's Kevin Drum is reporting that he watched Wordplay, got hooked, and even wrote his own crossword puzzle. So the joy of puzzles really is catching! Cheers me up to know.

P.S. My twin brother isn't the only one with a birthday close to mine. Happy Birthday, Sis!

P.P.S. Just found a whole slew of cool photos hidden in my camera in a folder I didn't know existed. ("Outbox": for the photos I tried to send but failed the first time.) I'll start posting them when my goddamn Internet's back. For some reason I can't seem to do it from my work computer.



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