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I'm a storyteller in the New York area who is a regular on NPR's "This American Life" and at shows around the city. Moved to New York in 2006 and am working on selling a memoir of my years as a greeting card writer, and (as a personal, noncommercial obsession) a nonfiction book called "How to Love God Without Being a Jerk." My agent is Adam Chromy at Artists and Artisans. If you came here after hearing about my book on "This American Life" and Googling my name, the "How to Love God" book itself isn't in print yet, and may not even see print in its current form (I'm focusing on humorous memoir), but here's a sample I've posted in case you're curious anyway: Sample How To Love God Introduction, Pt. 1 of 3. Or just look through the archives for September 18, 2007.) The book you should be expecting is the greeting card book, about which more information is pending. Keep checking back!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lunchtime Brief

Nothing to post today so far, because instead of writing I've been reading Karen Armstrong's The Spiral Staircase---her story about going from being a nun to being an atheist to becoming a popular religion writer. It's been utterly absorbing to me, which I guess should surprise no one. I may not post later tonight, either, because after work I'm going to a freelancer's meet-and-greet under false pretenses, because I think it's supposed to be for actual freelance writers, not freelance-and-in-house editors who want to be freelance writers. But I e-mailed that with my RSVP and they put me on the list anyway. Thank god The Atlantic is still good for a name-drop.

But just so I post something, I urge you to read this post on perceived media bias. Between this article and Armstrong's book---Armstrong, like me, has a loving relationship with her siblings, all of who turned out very different from her and had very different perceptions of their family growing up---I'm thinking a lot about the subjectivity of perception, and how to communicate through it. That's why you should read it. Plus if you don't, I'll poop in your mouth.


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