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Friday, July 21, 2006

Free Dave's Strangled Muse!

Light blogging today because I'm going around the corner to Office Depot to purchase a new wireless adapter in the hopes that I can finally get online at home again. I was trying to fix my old one, but when I called Netgear, they said, "Your product is over 90 days old, so you can either go online and send us an e-mail service request, or you can get premium customer service for $31 a year." And I thought, "The goddamn adapter only cost $8 to begin with." So I'm splurging for a higher-end device---say, $31 or so?---and with any luck it'll actually work. In a worst-case scenario, I picture the problem being some Windows configuration error which will either be fixed/reset when I install the new adapter, or (in any event) fixable online since my new thing falls under warranty. If this happens, I guarantee a sudden, insane amount of posting, just because I can. And that's why I'm not blogging a lot today---I'd rather go out immediately to try to get back online than stay here at work and delay my release from cruel circumstance.

In the meantime, why not take a look at this article in Newsweek, where a regular religious columnist wonders, "Why are atheists so angry?" But your reading is not complete until you also read the responses from readers section that goes with it. I found it all really interesting. (And for my money, the short answer is, "If you think all atheists are angry, you're probably mostly talking to college students, who are the loudest, angriest atheists I know because they're still trying to piss off their parents. Either that, or you're talking to people like me and you're confusing weary, beleaguered impatience with anger. They're not quite the same thing.")

I'm off to purchase. Wish me luck!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it weary inpatience? i have always thought it is strange when atheists are mad at non-atheists, or religion. it seems somewhat defensive. i would think someone who was sure they were right about their being no god would be pretty laid back. why the angst? you live in a city where non-religious people are all over the place.

and if you introduce yourself as a person with a degree in religion and an ex-evangelical and yet are inpatient when people want to talk to you about religion, that is a bit strange.

organize religion is problematic but that says very little about God to me personally.

7/26/2006 8:15 AM  

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