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Friday, August 01, 2008

About Last Night...

I was actually unable to post for 24 hours because right around noon on the 31st, I got a note from Blogger that said, "Our systems have flagged your site as a possible spamblog.  If you are a human and are reading this, send us a request.  We will not restore rights to your site until we can scan your blog personally, and if you don't reply your blog will be deleted in 20 days."  

I'm obiously not a spamblog (and by the way, add an r in there--Spamblorg--and you've got a pretty neat name for some villain in a fantasy trilogy), but it's been killing me ever since: what the hell could I possibly have done to get a robot's attention?  I don't talk about Viagra THAT much, and when I do, everything is spelled perfectly.  

At any rate, I'm back.  But I'll happily accept any suggestions any of you may have that might help keep me off some spam-hunter's radar.  As so often happens in real life, my actual innocence has availed me nothing.


Blogger Laura Toepfer said...

Maybe it's me. This has happened on a couple of the blogs I frequent most often. Is it an X-men thing, that I cause blogs to be turned into spam? Not a great superpower, I have to say.

8/02/2008 12:06 PM  
Blogger Jason Rohrblogger said...

I don't know about SPAM, but I hit the "report inappropriate content" button after every post.

8/02/2008 4:09 PM  

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