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Friday, August 01, 2008

Homefulness is Here! Sort of.

I got the key today!  That's the good news.

The bad news is, because this is the first time I've ever not simply thrown everything I have into the nearest vehicle and moved it all myself, I'm discovering that things are a little more complicated than I anticipated.  Examples:

*ZipCar probably won't have a vehicle for me until the weekend is over.  (Summer in New York is like that, apparently.)

*The movers I talked to required a two week wait. It's summer AND the first of the month, so they're already booked up.

*Worst of all, the sofabed I want to have--the slightly high-end, Art Deco-inspired sofabed of my studio apartment's hope-fevered dreams--can't be delivered until the 23rd. 

Fortunately, I can continue to stay with my friend Tracy for a few days more while I work out what the hell I'm going to do.  My current guess: get a Zipcar on MONDAY (who vacations then?) and shuttle my things back and forth then. This will also allow me to a. buy a wardrobe at Ikea (there's NO closet space in my apartment) and b.) buy a window-unit air conditioner.  (Advantage of a studio: a window air conditioner takes care of the whole place.)  After that, I'll just sleep on a borrowed air mattress for the next 20 days or so.  This will further delay any thoughts I might have had about dating.  

Still, it's a huge relief to have the keys in my pocket, and I keep loving the neighborhood. If it doesn't rain while I'm mid-trundle, I can hardly wish for more. 



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