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Monday, May 05, 2008

Where In The World Is (Or Was) Two Forks, New Mexico?

I was writing today about a horrible evening that I spent with my then-fiancee in a town called Two Forks, New Mexico. We were stranded there in a snowstorm, and when we arrived the only hotel in town was full up. It was too dangerous to drive on to Albuquerque, so we simply slept in my station wagon--with the back seat down, so we were sleeping on a hard metal cargo area--buffeted by wind, windows fogged to opacity, and we had to wake up every ninety minutes or so to turn the engine on and get the heat going again. It was absolutely miserable; number one on my worst road trip moments ever.

Today, however, as I realized that I needed to flesh out the details, I went online and discovered that Two Forks doesn't seem to exist. I know it existed at one time, and that it was actually called Two Forks--because I made a joke at the time about how much less interesting it sounded than 29 Palms, and that they were probably trying to distinguish themselves from those arrogant bastards in TWIN Forks, Idaho. Since I know I was there--the name was scarred into my memory--the only thing I can think is that this tiny town, which existed in 1995, stopped existing some time between 1995 and the advent of Wikipedia.

I know that it would have been along I-10, somewhere just east or just west of Albuquerque. But my usual sources have failed me. Any of you research-minded readers know what to do next? For that matter, does anyone have a good--and possibly decade-old--map of New Mexico? It's not essential for what I'm writing, but now I'm awfully curious what happened.


Blogger Ellen said...

The USGS place names site shows a Three Forks and a Four Forks, NM. Maybe they've added some forks since you were there?

5/05/2008 11:38 PM  

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