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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

From Zero to Frantic

I just realized that I'm leaving Friday morning to go to the Berkshires (well, Hudson NY), and I have only two days to get everything done. Days, because I was foolish and brokered away my nights. Tonight I see the revival of Sunday in the Park With George at Studio 54, and tomorrow I'm volunteering at a Moth event--apparently I'm an excellent ticket-taker, and they needed an expert on hand. So I have only today and tomorrow during daylight to solve a potential problem with the DMV and an overdue parking ticket I can no longer locate for a car whose plate I don't know. I wonder if this is enough time...

Found an amusing thing under a lid of Diet Snapple (an old lid; the new Crystal Light mix is working great, thanks) and I intend to share later. But it may be much later. If it is, I blame the DMV. Or possibly the Mid-Manhattan library, since that's on my to-do list also.

I also have a surprising number of pants-related errands. There may be photos there too. This could be a big day for everyone.


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