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I'm a storyteller in the New York area who is a regular on NPR's "This American Life" and at shows around the city. Moved to New York in 2006 and am working on selling a memoir of my years as a greeting card writer, and (as a personal, noncommercial obsession) a nonfiction book called "How to Love God Without Being a Jerk." My agent is Adam Chromy at Artists and Artisans. If you came here after hearing about my book on "This American Life" and Googling my name, the "How to Love God" book itself isn't in print yet, and may not even see print in its current form (I'm focusing on humorous memoir), but here's a sample I've posted in case you're curious anyway: Sample How To Love God Introduction, Pt. 1 of 3. Or just look through the archives for September 18, 2007.) The book you should be expecting is the greeting card book, about which more information is pending. Keep checking back!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Housekeeping Note

Tomorrow I go to the Berkshires area to finish my book(Thanks a million, Sherry!). But friends and family should be aware that my cell coverage is even spottier than usual while I'm there. And I'm not currently sure what the internet situation is, though it looks like I'll have access to transportation to be able to get somewhere where there IS internet if I need it. (I know they don't have wi-fi signals at the house.) So if you're attempting to contact me, cross your fingers.

Also, I'll be busy all day (starting now, basically) and I leave tomorrow very early. So I'm expecting a day or so of silence to ensue. But if you're in the area and want to say goodbye before I leave, I'll be taking tickets tonight at 7 pm at The Eldridge Street Project at 12 Eldridge Street (that's in eastern Tribeca between Chinatown and East Broadway). Details are here. And yes, tickets are $30, but Annie Proulx and Ana Castilio will be performing...and more to the point, if you just want to say hi, that'll cost nothing at all. Plus, I bet we'll be going out after.


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