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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Watch Me Regale!

Andy Christie, who runs The Liar Show ( has video of the last show available on that website and his own ( So click here and see a short clip of me performing! (The link doesn't go there directly. Scroll down to "In Video Veritas" or click on "See the Video" over in the right-hand column.)

My own thoughts: Actually seeing myself on video is giving me strong second thoughts about the hat. (Am I always in that much shade?) Also, although everyone's stories were great, Mike Daisey's was flat-out hysterical and involved a time when, in high school, he and three fellow drama student were obliged, as a favor to their drama teacher, to go to a local elementary school and perform as the California Raisins. You should have been there.

My story was about going with my fraternal-twin brother to our 20th high school reunion and finally being able to pull a twin-switch. There's an embarrassing moment on Andy's clip where, during the quiz-the-panel segment, someone asks me, "What's your sister-in-law's name?" And I can't remember. (It's Emily. Sorry, Emily!) I'm surprised everyone didn't vote for me as the liar right then and there.

It's a great show. Another one's coming up. Attend! Attend!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

follow your instincts on hat

11/21/2006 10:58 AM  
Blogger Angieb303 said...

Dude, that was great! I was wondering why you didn't say her name. That was sad. I wouldn't have thought you were the liar. I think I would have went with the Raisn Story.

That was awesome. Keep it up!

11/21/2006 6:12 PM  
Blogger ennie said...

I transposed the headline and wondered why you wanted Merl Reagle to watch you.

11/22/2006 12:30 AM  

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