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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tom Wilson Is Clearly Drunk

Wow. There's lame, and then there's unbelievably, incomprehensibly bad. See this Comics Curmudgeon post to watch Ziggy make a joke that's an entire decade out of date.

This is why every cartoonist should be forced to take a humor test every five years to avoid being exterminated. Mort Walker and Johnny Hart have never been funny enough to deserve multiple cartoons each; there's certainly no reason for their kids to inherit the sinecure. And now this. Yeesh.

Later: It's been pointed out that this is being billed as "Classic Ziggy." So I guess you're supposed to read this and say, with a touch of fondness, "Remember the time we all laughed at the O.J. trial?" I repeat: it's not funny, and someone was clearly asleep at the switch. Oy.


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