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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bold "Click" Predictions

"Click", the new Adam Sandler movie, is fixing to open this weekend. For those of you with no TV, this is a comedy where Mr. Sandler finds himself in possession of a remote control device that works on life! You know---you can fast forward stuff, pause it, etc. I seem to see the same damn ad over and over again, and there's nothing in it about the plot of the movie.

However, I think they're not showing you the plot precisely because it goes without saying. So I'd like to make two predictions right now, knowing almost nothing about the film:

1. ) Adam Sandler will play an uptight man---possibly even an angry man-child!---who is something of a control freak. But once the device comes into his life and he's able to live out all his fantasies of control, his behavior backfires and he almost loses his family! Ultimately he realizes that it's better not to try to control everything in life, because isn't unpredictability part of the fun?

2.) At some point, the soundtrack will contain the J.Geils Band's "Freeze Frame."

Anyone else got predictions?


Anonymous Jangler said...

Hope this isn't a spoiler, but in one of the previews I've seen, the opening of the song "Freeze Frame" is played. So prediction #2 seems pretty sound.

6/08/2006 10:38 AM  
Blogger Dirty Little Liar said...

yeah that its going to suck

6/09/2006 6:28 PM  
Blogger Cowboy Dave Dickerson said...

Actually, the presence of a song in the preview doesn't guarantee its existence in the soundtrack. I remember reading that somewhere. And there was some big movie a decade or so back---Last of the Mohicans, maybe?---that used Peter Gabriel's "San Jacinto" to excellent effect in its previews, but came nowhere near to it musically in the actual film.

But I modestly assert, Jangler, that if my prediction is at all accurate it's precisely because it took no creativity to think up. That seems to be the direction they're going in. "What's undemanding?" they asked at the meeting. "What will surprise people the least and have them come back to feel comfortable a second time?" Freeze-Frame was probably their very first purchase. It was a no-brainer.

6/09/2006 6:57 PM  

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