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Monday, June 05, 2006

Taoism Looks Cooler All The Time

Yesterday I went to a brunch at a restaurant called Sette. (All "sette" means is it's Italian for seven; I don't want you to imagine the place contains a lot of couches.) And after a few mimosas, I went into the bathroom and found a flier next to the soap announcing a series of seminars by Chi Kung Master Mantak Chia (I couldn't help it: my first thought was, "Will he bring his pet?") at some place called the META center, from June 6-8. I have to quote a few bits to you.

Mantak Chia is one of the most important figures in contemporary Taoism. Author of many classic books including Awaken Healing Light Through the Tao, Taoist Secrets of Love, and The Multi-Orgasmic Man...

My goodness!, you may be thinking. So is this a healing seminar or a sex seminar?

June 6 Seminar: Elixir Chi Kung. Elixir Chi Kung trains you to mix saliva, hormonal fluids and Cosmic essences into a powerful healing nectar.

That's right. I'm afraid it's both. I just hope it's not a lab. ("Bring a sack lunch and some Handi-Wipes...") But I don't know, because I also saw this:

June 3 and 4: Tao of Loving Sex and Spiritual Power. The use of sexual energy for spiritual transformation. Sexual Healing and Reflexology. No Partner Necessary.

That's right! No partner necessary! That's gotta be some damn fine reflexology...



Blogger Brian Reeves said...

Nice to see a Jiggery Pokery poem! I love those things.

Dave, you are a natural-born blogger -- I'm convinced.


p.s. My friend Jerry -- you remember him, from Tallahassee? He says to tell you to stop doing things that make him jealous. Things like living in Manhattan, working in publishing (at least that's what I infer from your posts), and writing great stuff on the first draft. So knock it off already! ;)

6/06/2006 5:41 AM  
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