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Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm On Last Comic Standing Tuesday Night, Possibly!

As mentioned in this post long ago, I think it's likely that you'll see me on Last Comic Standing this Tuesday Night, May 30th, in their two-hour premiere. The website says it's at 8, 7 central and mountain. Since I didn't actually get in to compete or perform, your chance of seeing me will be in a brief early-in-the-episode interview section, or, failing that, possibly in one of the standard sweep-around-the-line-of-hopefuls shots such shows invariably include. I'll be the guy in the cowboy hat and boots. In either case, that's good news, because then you won't have to watch the entire thing, which---if my take on the host is anything to go by---is apt to be truly painful.

I realize that we're in a TiVo world, but if anyone can "tape" it for me---or in some other way render it watchable by yours truly---I'd be deeply grateful. Thanks.


I've been watching the show for half an hour, and it looks like they're going from west to east across the entire damn country, which means any shot of me, however brief, is apt to be in the last half hour of the two-hour premiere. But since they haven't shown any interviews, I doubt I made the cut, and I feel bad for having asked everyone to watch. You're putting up with some real punishment.


Yep. They're in New York now and I clearly didn't make the cut. Not even in the initial sweep which (I just realized) must have happened when I wasnt' even there. And I have to say that, as bad as my own experience with the show was, the editors are clearly smarter than the host. The show was better without me.


The more I think about it, the more I think the shitty questions we were asked might have been some sort of last-minute sop thrown to the latecomers to prevent us from rioting. It's the only reasonable explanation I can think of. And I feel so terribly dirty.


Blogger Angieb303 said...

Well, we only caught the last of the show. Sorry you weren't in the crowd shots. I can't believe Buck Star got on the show yet again. They didn't pick him yet again. Dude if they picked Buck Star over you, I'd die!

5/30/2006 10:11 PM  

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