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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mornin' Roundup

First things first: I forgot to ever post the answer to this cheese-and-European-rap-performer trivia quiz from several weeks back. The non-cheese rap groups are Lucien Revolucien, Assalto Frontali, de Spookrijders, and Hobbitz. They all make sense when you look back on them. Except for Hobbitz. Aren't rappers supposed to be Star Wars geeks instead?

In this follow-up on John Solomon's weirdly misleading article about Harry Reid, Josh Marshall demonstrates exctly why I love Talking Points Memo: rather than snarl and say, "The media is under the thumb of the evil Bush colossus!" or other panicked conspiratorial cries, he explains what probably happened in a way that doesn't dress anyone in fangs and---more to the point---feels true to life.

If the Bush White House feels under pressure from their torture allegations, they won't be helping anything by removing Geneva Convention language about mistreating prisoners from their new Army guidebooks. Yeesh. Can we vote these fuckers out already so I can be proud of my country again? Anyone who runs on a bold non-torture platform will be fine.

And finally, this is what partisan attack journalism should be all about. It's nice to see it turned against Bill O'Reilly for once---since, if you haven't been watching, he has twice gotten history flat dead wrong while defending the troops at Haditha. All hail Keith Olbermann and his Ahab-like (Ahavian?) obsession with the Great White Daddy! And while we're at it, all hail YouTube! Thanks to them, I've been able to see every cool thing I was ever too poor to TiVo.


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See also I don't have television, but with their frequent clips in Windows or Quicktime formats, I keep up with some of what's going down on the talking head channels and the news. They have the Olbermann vs. O'Reilly material frequently, including this sample.

6/07/2006 6:32 AM  

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