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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Best. Segue. Ever.

I was watching 1935's Manhattan Melodrama a few moments ago, and I just saw something so cool I must share. The movie's a standard story about two kids who grow up together and then wind up on opposite sides of the law. (Played in adult form by Clark Gable and William Powell.) After the standard opening scene there comes the inevitable time-passes scene with the dates flashing past: 1907 . . . 1908 . . . 1909 . . . on up to 1920. Then, once "1920" stops to let you know that's the present year of the action we cut to . . . The 19 and 20 on a roulette wheel in Gable's gambling establishment! I'll be happy for a week on that.

And just a trivia reminder: Manhattan Melodrama was the movie that John Dillinger was leaving when he got gunned down on the street. It's only appropriate---apparently the gangster dies at the end of the movie as well.


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