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I'm a storyteller in the New York area who is a regular on NPR's "This American Life" and at shows around the city. Moved to New York in 2006 and am working on selling a memoir of my years as a greeting card writer, and (as a personal, noncommercial obsession) a nonfiction book called "How to Love God Without Being a Jerk." My agent is Adam Chromy at Artists and Artisans. If you came here after hearing about my book on "This American Life" and Googling my name, the "How to Love God" book itself isn't in print yet, and may not even see print in its current form (I'm focusing on humorous memoir), but here's a sample I've posted in case you're curious anyway: Sample How To Love God Introduction, Pt. 1 of 3. Or just look through the archives for September 18, 2007.) The book you should be expecting is the greeting card book, about which more information is pending. Keep checking back!

Friday, March 31, 2006

That Carillon You're Hearing Is The Sound of A Jillion Angels Getting Wings Simultaneously

Thanks to everyone who's put in their two cents, either on the blog or in personal emails. I feel like the richest man in Potterville. Of course, I don't yet have a job, and Car Cash offered me, and I quote, "one hundred, maybe five hundred tops" for my car. But I do have a guy who's good for a rent-covering offer in a week or two, so I'll be okay for rent before anything goes too horribly wrong.

In the meantime, I am now heading out with a dozen phone and fax numbers in my wallet, and a dozen resumes under my arm, from which I have judiciously scrubbed my nascent Ph.D. (and my last vestiges of ego.) I was tempted to add a line saying, "I don't know Excel, but I do 'know' Excel, if you get my drift." But that's the problem with resumes---you're not allowed to be funny. I always come across better in person than I do on paper. More on this later.

By the way, it's been pointed out that my pictures aren't showing up in Internet Explorer or Firefox. I use Netscape, and all I did was call the photo up on my computer, select, cut and paste. If someone out there knows another way to do this, let me know. They're really nice pictures.


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