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Friday, March 31, 2006

Laughter, the Best Epidural

In the comments on my "Help Dave Live!" post, I got one from my friend Jim in Kansas City who makes a few hilarious notes and then says, "Sorry I was no help." I figured I had to promote this reply from a comment to a front-page post.

Actually, Jim, you're a tremendous help, and here's why. My brother and his wife had a baby yesterday in an emergency C-section (everyone's fine now) and the best staff member during the process was a doctor who kept my sis-in-law calm simply by telling wry jokes. ("Here comes the worst part of the epidural," he announced soberly. "I'm about to dab you with a sponge.") Having a guy there who didn't panic and kept everyone's spirits up allowed my brother---for whom this is all brand new---to feel less overwhelmed and more emotionally in control of the whole bewildering experience. And that's what reading your post has done for me. So thanks!

P.S. Welcome to the world, Benjamin! And enjoy your life of leisure, you cute little parasite! I recommend you learn Excel.


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