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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's a Festivus Miracle!

The good news is, after my blegging, I discovered that there IS supposed to be a Festivus celebration in New York.  And not only is it in Manhattan (I was guessing it'd be in more hipster-friendly Brooklyn), but it's only a few blocks from my apartment, at BAMN!, an honest-to-god automat on St. Marks.  

The bad news is, the website is down or screwed up or something, so I can't confirm the time.  I remember it being 6:30 to 8:30, with any overflow crowds being shunted to the bar next door.  But now not only is the site not letting me in, but there are ancillary reports that it's supposed to be invitation only, and/or that it's a promotion for Festivus The Book, which is being released in paperback.  

So I was going to make this a post saying, "Hey, everybody!  Come join me for a Festivus celebration that's apt to be a real hoot!"  Instead, I'm now offering myself as a sacrificial lamb: I'm going to head over at 5:30 or so and report and take pictures and so forth, so we'll see what happens.  I'd hate for anyone else to make a long trip--say, from Jersey City--only to be spurned at the threshold and left to weep in the cold.  Wish me luck.

By the way, BAMN! stands for By Any Means Necessary, which is not much of a surprise when you notice that one of the proprietors is named Nobu X.  

UPDATE:  Forgot to mention: Festivus is TODAY, December 23rd.  So if you want to risk joining me, you've only got a few hours.  

LATE UPDATE:  The website is fixed!  And as you can see here, the event starts at 8:45.  Good thing I checked!  Looks like you're all welcome, and there's still several hours to RSVP.  Woohoo!



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