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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Answers to the Greeting Card Theme Code Quiz

What the hell; since I'm posting anyway, here are the answers to the quiz from last week. They're in the Comments.


Blogger Cowboy Dave Dickerson said...

1. HMYM = How Much You Mean
2. WHAP = Wish for Happiness
3. SLAM = Slam/Insult humor
4. FRND = Friendship
5. THOY = Thinking of You
6. QLIF = Quote About Life
7. WSUC = Wish for Success
8. TYDS = Things You Do and Say
9. GENW = General Wish
10.ENCG = Encouragment

SLAM is any kind of insult EXCEPT an age slam, which has the theme code AGE. I could have also thrown in GGAG and CGAG, which are "gift gag" and "card gag," respectively. A gift gag is any joke in the form of "I was going to get you x for your [occasion of card]...but y!" A card gag is any joke where there's something wrong with the card--usually because it's been tapped (i.e. glued) shut, though sometimes the writing is upside-down or something else has gone wrong.

General Wish is a catchall for anything that's not specifically wishing for Happiness, Success, Joy (WJOY) or Luck (LUCK). "Happy Birthday" counts as a General Wish, because the happiness doesn't actually register as much more than punctuation.

Encourage is not to be confused with Cope (COPE). Encouragement is lighter: "Things sure do suck sometimes. Hang in there!" Cope is for more serious things "During this time of terrible trial, our prayers are with you."

As I note in the book, since Cope and Encouragement are actual captions, I'm not sure why they bother to have theme codes, since all Cope cards are COPE and all Encouragement cards are ENCG by definition. I would like to suggest that both of these be replaced by RTFC (Read the Fucking Caption). But I have little hope for my proposal's adoption.

6/29/2008 3:17 PM  
Blogger Trip said...

Could you give an example of "Things You Do and Say"? The category makes it sound pretty maudlin, but I'm having a hard time imagining exactly what it might entail.

6/29/2008 4:24 PM  
Blogger LKT said...

Hey, Dave!

What's the name of your quiz on Facebook? I can't find it (and I didn't want to post this question under the comments on the relevant post because I didn't want to get the answers).


7/01/2008 12:15 AM  

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