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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Somebody Help Me With Pornography Here...

The sudden bizarre scandal involving Eliot Spitzer (which must be playing quite risibly in France--and, for that matter, in Las Vegas--where prostitution is legal) reminds me of a question that has always bothered me, and which I wish someone would explain:

Prostitution is illegal. But making porn movies is legal, right? Which means that it's illegal to pay someone for sex...unless you film it and sell copies. How does this make sense? Or rather, since it doesn't make sense, how did this bizarre double standard emerge? Does anyone know?

UPDATE: Looks like Andrew Sullivan, via a proxy, is asking the same thing. Now I feel in touch with the zeitgeist.



Blogger that atheist guy said...

Here's another good article on it:

3/12/2008 9:50 AM  
Blogger HawaiianBrian said...

Yes, it makes no sense. And the bizarre part is, nobody seems to notice or mention it much. You'd think this would be a fundamental argument for those who want to ban porn! Or, the other way, by those who want to legalize prostitution. This is a crazy country, man.

3/12/2008 6:54 PM  
Blogger Carl said...

The Url above explains the difference. Nixon tried to ban porn, Reagan tried to ban porn, then the GOP crusade against porn stopped. Why did this happen? Because Paris Hilton's daddy gets an extra $15 out each of the 85% of the pay per view movies rented in his hotels because they're porn flicks. Money beats BS morality every time.

3/14/2008 7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Slate Explainer actually tried to explain it and did a fair job:

3/18/2008 8:56 AM  

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