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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Puzzlemakers' World Crosses Its Fingers... we await the popular reaction to the debut episode of Eli Stone. Please, America! Make it at least a one-season hit! Not that it's such a great anagram all by itself (how often do the words "noselite" and "solenite" appear anywhere?), but for those of us who love cryptic crosswords, this may be the loveliest hidden-word element to come down the pike in ages. Here are just a few possibilities:

Eli Stone features famous boxer (6)

Mulgrew, in Eli Stone, shows part of a menu (4, 4)

Poetaster and hotdogger Eli Stone exposes (11)

Phrase in an analogy Eli Stone has maintained (2, 2)

...and as part of an anagram, the title is staggeringly useful:

Make haste retooling Eli Stone, Mo! (4, 2, 4)

Certain philosophers mistakenly treated Eli Stone as art (13)

...and of course, if there's critical backlash:

Gag Eli Stone cruelly--he might be tied to a tree (11)

...and while I'm wishing, please let it go into reruns!

Where Eli Stone might be broadcast around six! (10)

Answers later in a separate post, I guess. Not that these are particularly difficult to parse for the cryptic-minded.

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