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Friday, February 16, 2007

Water! And Pressure! And Warmth!

I imagine I'll have more time to discuss my new place once I actually get my computer hooked up at home, but can I say, I'm already in love with the shower. Crazy in love! I was in an abusive relationship with my old shower---it would turn randomly hot and scald me, and yet I kept coming back---and so it's an absolute miracle to me just to have a shower that works properly. Did I say works? It's bursting with competence! This is an old rent-controlled building, which means the shower was built back in the fabled days of water luxury, when public fountains roamed freely in the wild, and carriage traffic would be held up for days sometimes as they waited for a fjlokk of glaciers to pass. (A fjlokk is a group of glaciers.) No water-saving nozzles in these sturdy pipes, no way! You want water? Turn it on and stand back! You want hot water? Turn on the hot water and look out! Want warm water? Turn on the cold and let the two temperatures battle to a violent synthesis! All at such high speed that I sort of suspect we're hooked into a fire hydrant somehow. But I'm not complaining! I've lived in the place for two solid nights now, and I can already tell that showering here is going to be like getting a massage every day before work.

Now all I need is an adapter. And internet access. And then I'll feel like I'm human and settled again. Oh---and I should mention that the fact that I'm now on the 1 train puts me in direct contact with THREE of my favorite dive bars: The Patriot (at Chambers), Rudy's (at 50th), and Yogi's/The Bear Bar (at 76th). My weekends just got a whole lot simpler.

Next up: unpacking and organization. But I'm already in a very very very good mood.

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