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Friday, February 09, 2007

My Brilliant Plan, Fiendish In Its Simplicity

My friend's loan of a car for the heavy stuff (chair, TV, computer, 1 or 2 bookshelves) becomes available on Tuesday. Until then, all this weekend, I plan to move myself one handtruck at a time, as follows:

1.) load up, say, four boxes.
2.) go down two flights and then over a hundred feet or so to the 181st St. A Station.
3.) take it two stops to 169th and switch to the 1 train.
4.) take it one more stop to 157th exit a hundred feet from my new place, which is (I am happy to report) only a few steps from the elevator.
5.) unload boxes.
6.) repeat four or five or six times both ways.

This seems like such a great idea that I'm already deeply suspicious of it. The handtruck rental is only going to run $7 a day. And since I'm only moving one room's worth of stuff, and everything I own that I'm not moving (the bed, the desk, at least one cabinet) is all the stuff I didn't cram into my tiny little car driving up here, I can't imagine the stuff I own will take up more than twenty boxes. Just to be on the safe side, however, I think I'll start by moving the stuff I really care about, and finish the odyssey with stuff I can literally chuck into the downstairs trash if I get too overcome.

First order of business is to clean up and dump out all the unmovable detritus: the death knell of the old newspaper and the ill-forgotten-phone-number-on-a-scrap-of-paper. That'll take all night, probably. So I'll reassess in the morning. But gosh---think of the money I'm saving!

If there are flaws in this plan I seem blind to, this might be a good time to weigh in.



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