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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'll trade you an Erato for two Uranias and a Thalia

My muse is for shit. Lately, some perverse failure-seeking part of my psyche has simply refused to write at all, such that even writing for this site has been difficult. I don't know why. I love writing most of the time, love keeping in touch with all y'all, and I know the importance of discipline by now. But when I come home, all I've wanted to do lately is play Scrabble online. And when I ride to work on the bus, instead of writing poems, what I've been doing is coming up with crossword themes that will probably never see print because I'm hopeless at constructing without a program and I don't have the money for one at the moment. (Here's yesterday's big 15 theme that'll never sell: STEELY EYES, AGGIE PRIDE, and MIB II. ) I know I should probably just relax, follow my bliss, and not force anything, but I feel bad when a day goes by and you good folks have nothing new to read.

Which reminds me: ever since I had that talk with Sars Bunting, I've been thinking about successful websites---especially successful comedy sites---and it strikes me that if I ever want to actually be more popular (and maybe even make a little money), I need to be more specific. With the exception of magazines that have entire staffs, every successful site I've ever seen does basically one thing, whether it's to review TV shows, do a single language-related goof (translating things into Wookie or Klingon, to give two geeked-out examples), or push an animated chicken around.

So I've been thinking of launching a light-verse-only site that would actually update fairly frequently (daily if I can manage it), would have poems on all topics (including daily news events and pop culture) and would possibly even accept submissions. I already have a lot of material (which I would, by the way, remove from this site, I think, to maintain the integrity of the other). So here are some questions for you good people.

a. Would you visit such a site?
b. Assuming a is yes, got any ideas for names?
c. Is there any way to tell which of my ideas are good lasting ones and which ones are whims that I ultimately won't be able to follow through on?
d. And does anyone have experience with a non-Blogger site that might give me a pretty-looking site that would be easier than Blogger to write comments on?

Gotta go. Bus.


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