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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pop Culture Reference Question...I think

I'll be starting up the new version of my website very soon.  (I have to label everything properly so it organizes; my new site's got TABS!)  But until then I thought I'd ask a simple question.  I saw this snippet from Slate's review of "I Love You, Man":

"Their early encounters, in which Peter struggles to emulate Sydney's effortless cool, make for the movie's best moments: When Syd casually nicknames him 'Pistol' after their first night out, the best Pete can counter with is 'Catch you later...Jobin.'"  

Someone's going to have to explain this to me.


Blogger Jason Rohrblogger said...

Um, I don't get it, either. These kids today...

3/21/2009 3:18 PM  
Blogger Sneb said...

Two seconds worth of googling reveals that "Jobin" is "the most comprehensive web site available for real estate in the Virginia, Maryland & DC area." See! All is clear. Thanks Google!

Ermm... maybe it's a typo?

Or you could just take those dirty donuts back to Gomer, if you know what I mean.

3/22/2009 1:20 AM  
Blogger Spifl said...

Best I can come up with:


3/23/2009 7:56 PM  
Anonymous Christian Wulfsberg said...


If you're asking about 'Pistol', the reference is to the late basketball player "Pistol" Pete Maravich, who played collegiately at LSU and set the NCAA career scoring mark, despite playing in the 60s, when there was no 3-point line, no shot clock, and freshmen were ineligible to play college varsity. He was something of a hot dog, and did not reach the same performance levels as a pro. He had a fairly well-publicized conversion to Christianity after washing out of the NBA, and died of a heart attack in his 40s.

If you're asking about 'Jobin', I don't think there is a significance, which is what is supposed to be funny about Paul Rudd's failed attempt to be as cool as Jason Segel.

3/24/2009 9:42 PM  
Blogger Trip said...

I just saw the film tonight, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean anything. It's just a random collection of sounds coming out of his mouth, out of a desire to come up with something -- anything -- and just being totally incapable of it.

3/28/2009 3:16 AM  
Blogger Karin said...

David, I think the only fitting interpretation would be "Jobim" rather than the 'jobin' that has been in Antonio Carlos Jobim, the progenitor of a Bossa Nova craze and cool for reasons even greater than writing 'Girl from Ipanema' The attempt falls flat, perhaps, in the nebbish choice of reference; a reference in character for someone who also touches on Get Smart and James Bond...

BTW, found you by accident, but hope you're well--Jim from 1416 Magnolia

12/31/2010 7:06 AM  

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