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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

We've Got Ourselves a Candidate!

President Obama. It's got a nice ring to it.

And by the way, check out this bit of analysis from Washington Monthly: apparently, the best person on the VP ticket is Edwards--by a heck of a lot. Even so, I'm still pulling for Sebelius: since we're already being historic, why not let's go for an all-precedent-breaking team! I predict a total whomping of McCain no matter who the veep winds up being.

That being said, Hillary needs to just shut up. I never thought I'd say this, but after tonight's results, where we have a presumptive nominee and a real need for unity, Hillary's non-concession speech which called for further prolonged division, perpetuated the lie about her popular vote count, and refused to acknowledge even an inch of the electoral reality that everyone else has copped to, we're officially not friends anymore. Even if she finds a bit of class later on when it polls better, it's too late. And I hope she stays way the hell out of the cabinet, too.

UPDATE: And now, having said all that, I have to say that Hillary at least gives a great speech, befitting her own historical moment. After watching McCain's clunker of a thing in Louisiana, I'm thinking it's about time Republicans learned a thing or two about rhetoric again. I was in Tucson when McCain came to my high school during his first senate campaign, and I know he can be really magnetic in person. So I hope people don't judge him forever by the speech tonight, because he really can do better. For now, though, every time I want to cringe, I just remember that weak, singsongy refrain, "THAT'S not change we can BELIEVE in?" Retire this meme pronto.


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