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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Out of Town, and Vocabulary Poem Update

I'm heading to the Berkshires for two nights of performances. So I won't have computer access for a while, and therefore I won't be updating for two days or so.

On the plus side, however, I just went over my old blog posts and realized that I have done vocabulary poems on words that start with EVERY letter except R, V, and Y, which have no representation at all. (No R! Isn't that odd?) So I'm taking about two dozen words with me, and when I return I hope to have made up this lack. (I'm particularly optimistic about rhipidion, vaccary, and yaffle, but you never know how inspiration will go, and I'm not saying there won't be a late rally by volvelle or yuzluk.)

(Next up: E, I, K, Q, T, and X, which each have only one poem. Assuming I stay focused on knocking out individual letters rather than simply opening the dictionary at random.)

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