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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Book Update

I just printed out my complete first-draft version of what I hoped would be the final book proposal, and I realize that in order to make it truly stand out in the marketplace, I'll have to include at least one section on the topic that no one else is discussing: what's wrong with atheism, too.

So I'm hoping to write at least one portion of the "How to Be an Atheist Without Being a Jerk" chapter(s) tomorrow, and, with any luck, THAT will be the final straw, and then I can send this damn thing out.

In other news, I think there's a rule of the universe that says, just as you get ready to write an original book, you find out that someone else has already written it. Lately, I've been listening to a podcast called A Christian and an Atheist (it has the back and forth of viewpoints I'm hoping to achieve in my own book), and in one I just listened to today, they brought on a guest named Valerie Tarico...who has written this book, which overtly states that evangelical beliefs get in the way of the actual practice of goodness. In the interview (Show 27, "The Problem of Fundamentalism") she actually makes many of the points I make in my book. Oy!

What gives me hope for my own book is that I suspect I'm a better (or at least a funnier) writer, and if the radio show is anything to go by, I'm pretty sure I'd be a better public speaker. And I think my skeptical take on atheism (coming soon!) sets me a little bit apart from the "new atheist" crowd. So I'm not actually disheartened. But damn! Her points are very smart, quite valuable, and have the added benefit of coming from a practicing psychologist. So here, on the eve of the day that I hoped to send out the proposal, I suddenly realize I have to step up my game.

Anyway, expect a post on atheism tomorrow. Thanks to a conversation I had with my friend Cary, I've decided that I don't need ALL my sample chapters to be complete from beginning to end, and that'll save me a bit of time and trouble.



Blogger that atheist guy said...

What's wrong with atheism? I say: stinky atheists! ;-)

Here's what I wrote in another comment on Hemant's blog:

"Hmm, I’m a little reluctant to bring this up, but…

I’d say on average groups of Christians seem to be better groomed than groups of atheists. (Yes of course there are exceptions, and I’m just talking about a general tendency.) Note to my fellow atheists, please take a shower at least a couple of days before coming to a meeting.

On the other hand I haven’t been to many Christian gatherings or meetups, so maybe they do have the same problem with personal hygiene. It’s just my completely unscientific anecdotal observation that many atheist gatherings have that star trek/D&D convention funk about them.

(BTW, I am a Star Trek fan and I used to play D&D in my youth so don’t get all defensive on me. C’mon if you’ve been to those conventions, you know it is true!)"

2/20/2008 10:27 AM  

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