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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Savage on Romney: Who's Religiously Intolerant?

Here's an intriguing post by Dan Savage where he points to an article claiming that Romney's campaign was shipwrecked by "religious intolerance." Dan points out, quite rightly, that the religious intolerance of Mormonism came, not from the blue-state left (since Romney won Massachusetts more than once), but from the very red-state religious people who are the ones most likely to complain about religious intolerance. Which helps prove something I said in an earlier post: the liberals in various religious traditions--including, I guess, atheistic secularism--have more in common with each other than religious conservatives have with other religious conservatives. QED.

I should add, however, that the article Dan links to to make this point is written by someone who's pretty clearly not what I'd call a mainstream evangelical, and so what's wrong with Joel is not exemplary of anything wrong with Christians as a whole. I'd hate for anyone to think I was letting this yahoo be anyone's spokesperson.

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