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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Poem: To a Wonderful Host (Dave Classic, 1995 Vintage)

I was writing about Hallmark to a friend of mine this weekend, and it occurred to me that there's a poem I wrote that almost no one has ever seen. It was part of my audition for Hallmark, to show what I could do, and I decided to go a little crazy with the rhyme scheme. So here's the poem, which (modesty be damned) helped me get the card-writing job so many years ago, and which I'm reassembling from memory:


Your friendly hospitality's
A thing to put a pal at ease!
You throw off ostentatiousness
And jettison formalities!

With customary graciousness
And generous audaciousness
You share, devoid of vanity,
Your dwelling-place's spaciousness!

So, fighting off inanity,
And calming guests' insanity,
Your kindly hospitality's
A model for humanity!



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