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Friday, October 19, 2007

Dave at the Dentist: A Fun Quiz

We haven't had a fun quiz in a while. But this one was inspired by a trip I took yesterday to see the dentist. (And in case anyone's curious, I'm in great shape. The guy kept saying, "Wonderful! These are beautiful! Amazing!"--I started getting embarrassed. Afterwards it struck me that "dentist" is probably a really good profession if you're a tooth fetishist.)

While I was sitting in the lobby, however, I had a host of magazines next to me, and I realized that not one of them was interesting to me. They were seven to ten deep, practically spilling over the floor, and I thought, "Wow! Look at how many things I don't care about!" I almost felt bad for all those magazine writers and editors, slaving away at a job that I was destined to never appreciate. I even wrote all the magazine titles down: Family Circle, Hollywood Life, New York Home, Traditional Home, Outdoor Life, Child, Where to Retire, Money, Country Home, Saveur, PC Magazine, Details, O (The Oprah Magazine), Islands, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Men's Vogue, Business Week, Forbes, and Family Fun.

So here's the quiz: match each of the magazines below with the article that I resisted reading. For a bonus, which article DID I finally cave in and read before the dentist called me?

1. Details
2. Family Circle
3. Family Fun
4. Forbes
5. Islands
6. Men's Vogue
7. Money
8. New York Home
9. O
10. Outdoor Life
11. Saveur
12. Traditional Home

a. "50 Names You Should Know In New York Design"
b. "Billionaire of Weed Killer"
c. "Improve Your Relationship Without Saying a Word"
d. "Is Ted Haggard Really Straight Now?"
e. "Marvelous Muffins"
f. "New England's Best Clam Shacks"
g. "Palau: Where Heaven Fell Into the Sea"
h. "Savannah Chic"
i. "Speared by a Marlin"
j. "The Ultimate Flat Screen"
k. "Wanted: Better Grades"
l. "When Target Funds Miss the Mark"

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Anonymous Trip said...

As tempting as the marlin headline is, I'll go with the Details/Haggard combo.

10/19/2007 9:47 AM  
Blogger Jeffrey said...

Hm. I know which article I would have read...mmm, muffins...I'll go ahead and match 12-h (Traditional Home/Savannah Chic).

10/19/2007 10:29 AM  

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