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Friday, October 19, 2007

Dictionary of Dreams

In dreams, you rarely get to actually read the content of books you pick up, but somehow I managed last night. I had received (in the dream) an email from some friend who said, "All yesterday I was all in a hossup about my upcoming trip."

Hossup? So--still in the dream, mind you--I looked up "hossup" in my dictionary, and it said, "interj. A term for announcing one's intention, popularized by Wild Bill Hickok. see also dibs."

I'm sorry to relate that the word does not exist in any dictionary I own. Which I guess is good, because a word like that really deserves a better definition. Also, my friend was apparently misusing the term, and I'm glad to have spared her official public embarrassment.

AFTERNOTE: I don't know why I'm bothering to mention this, but a few days ago another word popped into my head. I was shopping for bar soap, and for some reason I thought of the word PESSARY. Perhaps it had been a possible Scrabble play or something,but I honestly didn't know anything about the word except that it probably existed. (And, upon further reflection, becomes PECCARY when you change its esses to cees.)

So that one I did look up in my handy New International Third, and found that it is, and I quote, "a vaginal suppository." Eesh! But I have to add this: the etymology notes that the word comes from a term for "a stone used in backgammon." Man, I hope they're washing the pieces thoroughly.



Blogger Sneb said...

Good story. I'm often frustrated how I can't read in dreams. The words are either indistinct or seem to change when I look away. I like how you looked up the word in the dream. Very often I "wake up" in a dream, and tell people about the weird dream I just had, only to really wake up later, and tell the same story over again.

Did you google "hossup". I got 51 hits, and #4 was this blog post. There's even a parked at GoDaddy. If only I hossuped registering sooner!

10/19/2007 10:20 AM  

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