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Friday, September 05, 2008

McCain Base Betrayal Watch

If Kevin Drum is right about this, then I stand by my earlier statement: in a speech that was incredibly light on policy--and said very little about the economy, which is the main issue for people this year--one of the few specific things he has mentioned is "wage insurance," which is a neoliberal social policy. Sounds like he might be a real fan of the idea.  The base should be bleeding from their ears.  

I'm starting to think that, with Palin on the ticket, they just want to elect McCain and then shoot him themselves. 

P.S.--if the economy continues to take hits like this, surely this bodes poorly for the ruling party.

P.P.S.--and doesn't it also bode very poorly for a campaign that they're actually making arguments this idiotic?  Once I could see.   Twice maybe.  But five times?  With McCain the last speaker?  How can this not hurt him with the reality-based community?  Wouldn't even a casual voter see this as a sign that they've really got no good arguments?



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