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Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Lament in Verse

In a world where unique
New devices each week
Are presented at minuscule cost,
Some woman or gent
Should attempt to invent
A new cell phone that cannot get lost!

Every new one's designed
With a near-human mind
That's so cunning, you cannot outflank it.
And they've gotten so small,
You can't see them at all,
Even if they're just tucked in your blanket.

My first, I remember
Was bought last September---
And today I just bought number four.
It has never been fun
To rebuild from square one,
And I simply can't take any more.

The technology's known
For a never-lose phone.
We've got gene splicing, spacecraft, and SETI.
So let's make phones wireless,
And thoroughly tireless:
Just up and implant them already!

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